Knoxville Game Store

Local game store. Located near Cedar Bluff, in the same shopping center as Home Depot.
Next to Snake Eyes Comics.
9335 Kingston Pike Suite 9315
Knoxville, TN • (865) 332-0041



MONDAY Cardfight Vanguard
6:30pm Cardfight Vanguard
6:30pm Board Games

TUESDAY Magic The Gathering
6:00pm EDH / Commander – Magic The Gathering
6:30pm Proxy Legacy – Magic The Gathering

WEDNESDAY Magic The Gathering Force of Will
6:30pm Draft – Magic The Gathering
6:30pm Force of Will – Organized Play

THURSDAY Magic The Gathering
6:30pm Proxy Modern – Magic The Gathering

FRIDAY Magic The Gathering
7:00pm FNM – Magic The Gathering

SATURDAY pokemon Magic The Gathering 
3:00pm Pokemon League
4:00pm Competitive Season Play – Magic The Gathering

SUNDAY  Pathfinder
1:00pm Pathfinder Society