Your Friendly Local Game Store!

Local game store. Located near Cedar Bluff, in the same shopping center as Home Depot.
Next to Snake Eyes Comics.
Level Up Games & Hobbies – Knoxville
Knoxville, TN • (865) 332-0041


Magic The Gathering
Board Games
Video Games
Dungeons & Dragons

MONDAY Dungeons_&_Dragons_5th_Edition_logo.svg
5:30pm Dungeons & Dragons – Adventurer’s League

TUESDAY Magic The Gathering
6:00pm EDH / Commander – Magic: The Gathering

WEDNESDAY Magic The Gathering  Dungeons_&_Dragons_5th_Edition_logo.svg
6:30pm Draft – Magic: The Gathering
6:00pm Dungeons & Dragons – Adventurer’s League

THURSDAY Magic The Gathering
6:30pm Modern – Magic: The Gathering

FRIDAY Magic The Gathering
7:00pm FNM – Magic: The Gathering (Draft, Modern & Standard)


Open Play and Special Tournaments, Call us for details!

SUNDAY  Pathfinder Dungeons_&_Dragons_5th_Edition_logo.svg
1:00pm Pathfinder Society
1:00pm Dungeons & Dragons – Adventurer’s League

We also alternate Paint Days on Sunday. If you like painting miniatures call us for details!

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Posted by Level Up Games and Hobbies Knoxville on Sunday, 18 November 2018